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Traveller Tips

When travelling overseas on holiday, you'll need advice on travel insurance, vaccations, and passport and visa requirements. We've provided some essential tips to help you prepare!

1. Passports

You must ensure that all members of your travelling party are in possession of a valid passport. British passport holders must have at least 6 months left to run following the return travel date. All passengers must now have their own passport, including children and infants. Please see for more detailed information and how to apply. For non British passport holders, you should check with your own consulate.

2. Visas

Some destinations will require you to obtain a visa. This may need to be applied for in advance or upon entry to the country. You’ll need to check with the consulate of the country you are visiting whether you’ll require a visa and it will be dependent on your nationality.

3. Travel Insurance

Whenever you travel abroad, you should ensure that all members of your party are covered by adequate travel insurance. Medhotels recommends Citibond Suretravel. Click here.

4. Vaccinations

At least six weeks prior to travel, you should check with your GP for advice on recommended vaccinations for your destination.

5. Travel documents

We recommend that you take photocopies of your passports and insurance policy and leave a copy, along with the 24 hour emergency insurance number and flight details, with a family member who is not travelling.

We also suggest that you ask at reception whether your hotel has safety deposit boxes (there may be a local charge) to store your passport, travel documents and your copy of the hotel voucher, plus money and credit cards etc.

6. Dress Code

Many hotels have a dress code in place for evening dining where gentlemen are requested to wear long trousers. Please check with your specific hotel if you are in any doubt.

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