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Resort Information

Things to look out for when you arrive to your destination

1. Notice Boards/Information book In some of the selected hotels that we feature, there will be either a Medhotels notice board or an Information book located in the reception area or Reps room.

The notice board and information books will display all relevant local contact and emergency numbers and there will also be a selection of resort information available, alternatively local contact information may be found on your accommodation voucher.

2. Excursions Ltd does not sell excursions or organise activities. However, in some destinations we work closely with agencies who offer a booking service. These agencies have been checked for valid insurance and operating licenses. To assist our guests in identifying these agency representatives, we have provided them with / / / branding I.e. T-shirts, stationery, books and boards.

Please be aware when taking part in any excursion or activity, your contract is with the excursion provider and will be subject to local laws, regulations and excursion providers booking conditions.

Additionally, welcome packs received on arrival may contain advertising literature from these local agencies; this does not imply any endorsement or recommendation by

3. Egypt Visa requirements for UK and EU passport holders:

Most tourists and visitors to Egypt can obtain an entry visa at any of the major airports or ports of entry. All foreigners arriving in Egypt should have a valid passport (with at least 6 months left before expiry) to get an entry visa.

Visa requirements on arrival in Egypt for UK & EU passport holders are as follows:

The visa is simply a stamp (like a postage stamp) that you buy from the visa office, at the port of entry just before going through immigration.

The visa will cost you UK£10 or US$15 per visa payable in foreign currency (only US$, UK£ or Euros can be accepted). After buying it you just stick in any empty page on your passport. Once you have bought your visa you then stand in line to get your passport stamped by the immigration officer.

Please note that this process can take a long time if arriving during busy times and visa lines can be long and slow. Bright Sky, our local agent in Egypt, can provide instant visas on arrival at the cost of £13 per visa.

If you are travelling to Sharm El Sheikh, Dahab, Nuweiba and Taba resorts ONLY, for a maximum of 14 DAYS, you do not require a visa as a free entry stamp will be granted upon arrival however, if you intend to travel outside of the above mentioned areas even if you intend to go on a boat trip or diving you MUST obtain a Visa on arrival.