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Accommodation Rating

You’ll find hotels ranging from 1 to 5 stars, apartments from 1 key to 4 keys, plus villas and pension style rooms. There are gulets in Turkey, Riads in Morocco and cruises on the Nile. The way accommodation is rated varies from one destination to another.

To assist you with picking the right accomodation for you, we've created a simple guide to Medhotels wings rating system



1. Official Ratings

These are generally decided by the local authorities. They will take into account the facilities, location, standard and service when making their classifications. In some countries it can come down to the size of a bathroom!

Something to bear in mind, is that once a hotel has been classified, the rating stands and will not be reviewed unless a hotel applies to be upgraded. So, a hotel given a classification thirty years ago will still have the same rating even without any modernisations.

2. Star Ratings

Most countries rate hotels from 1 to 5 stars. Because the ratings are being set locally, there are often differences between hotels of the same rating within two different countries. For example – A 4 star in the Caribbean and a 4 star in Spain will be very different.

N.B: City hotels have completely different criteria than resort hotels and in most instances will be far superior to resort hotels of the same grade, but without many of the facilities such as swimming pools etc...

3. Alphabetical Ratings

In general, hotels in Greece and Cyprus will be rated alphabetically, A, B and C, T for Tourist and Deluxe grades.

Deluxe = approx 5 star
A = approx 4 star
B = approx 3 star
C = approx 2 star
T = approx 1 star

Some hotels are starting to move over to the more common star ratings in preparation for the introduction of this system in Greece and Cyprus shortly. You might therefore find a hotel description with an official star rating on our site.

4.Self Catering – Keys

Apartments and Aparthotels (hotels with self catering facilities) are generally rated using the keys system.

4 Keys = slightly better than a 4 star, unlikely to be as good as a 5 star
3 Keys = approx 4 star
2 Keys = approx 3 star
1 Key = approx 2 star

5. Moroccan Riads

We’ve used categories to give you an idea about the official classifications of Moroccan Riads. Riads are high quality houses that have been converted into guesthouses.

1st Category = approx 5 Star
2nd Category = approx 4 star
3rd Category = approx 3 star

6. Med Wings

Medhotels understand how confusing these differing ratings systems can be, so to make it simple we rate all the hotels we feature on our website using Med Wings.

Med Wings ratings are set by the management of Their decisions are based on experience, knowledge and customer feedback, but will take into account the criteria as used by the local authorities.